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I was reading an article yesterday (or one of my social sites, I don't remember which!), and it was talking about a new book that is coming out. The publisher was listed, so I decided to check out their site (I always do this. I like to keep my options open for potential publishers). It was a very nice site with a lot of helpful information. I was kind of surprised at their submission page, though. It said that they accepted unsolicited submissions, but suggested that an agent would be the best route. They had another page that explained the correct way to query an agent, and the way it was worded made it sound like it was the simplest process in the world. It was very amusing, even though that wasn't the intention. If I had been a new writer, I probably would have read that and gotten excited. Ooo, this is all I have to do to query an agent? How simple! But, I'm a seasoned author hardened by a multitude of rejections. I didn't get excited, I scoffed. All in all, though, I think they are really trying to help writers out. Perhaps some day I will send them my query.