Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I was on yesterday gathering some information. As I was going through the list of agents, it hit me: I'm done. I have reached my saturation level of rejections. I looked back at my history of queries. I have been sending out letters for the past 7 months. In total, I have sent 64 queries. Granted, in the scheme of things, that might not be very many, but I just can't stomach it anymore. Here is a breakdown of the responses I've received.

28 agents said no
20 had no response, which is an implied no
12 I'm still waiting to hear from
4 have requested partials--I'm still waiting to hear from them, too

Normally in this stage of the game, I would take the story and revise it...AGAIN. But those agents who have declined it say that the story is fine, they just don't LOVE it, and they have to LOVE it to sell it. After I get my rejections from the other agents, I'll just put it away for a while. No sense in continuously beating the same dead horse (although, some days it makes me feel a lot better!)

Got some writing done last night. I'm almost finished with the first chapter of the story I'm writing for my boys. *Sigh* I'm glad I've almost accomplished something!

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