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For a parent, there is usually something that happens DAILY to make you question why the hell anyone would give you kids. Generally, it's something small like your 3 year old asking "Why?" for the umpteenth time and you answer with a short, often angry, reply. Seconds afterwards you feel guilty because he's only trying to figure his world out. You've been around for longer, you take it for granted that you know everything. Then, there are the major things like your 3 month old pulling the hair dryer of the counter while you're lotioning him on the floor and having it crash directly into his eye (that was an emergency room trip). Recently, my 3 month old, who is now a 13 month old, has discovered the fine art of holding his breath while he is throwing a fit. The first one happened on Monday, and the poor baby passed out. Of course, I had no idea what the frick was going on, so I panicked (as any caring parent naturally would). When I called the doctor's office, the nurse said it was fairly normal and to just make sure he was someplace safe so he wouldn't bonk his head when he went down. She told me that his breathing should resume once he lost consciousness, but to stay close just to make sure. Since Monday, he has thrown a fit and almost passed out at least once every night.

How is this a viable reaction for children to have? I mean, you can't stop disciplining your child just because they might get upset, but you tense every time you say no because you're afraid he's going to pass out. The nurse's reaction of it being normal was no comfort. Have any of you actually had to watch your child's face turn purple and their little bodies go limp? Not pleasant. Scares you every time it happens. I really, really hope he grows out of this phase soon!

In the writing world, I finished a short story yesterday that I submitted for an anthology (keeping my fingers crossed). I also worked a bit on my novella. I'm feeling pretty good right now. Had a rejection for another short story, but it didn't get me down. Hoping to get more writing done this weekend!