Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To continued my tangent from yesterday:

There is a reason why I don't let my child watch a lot of TV. Did you know there is a show out there where sushi (yes, raw fish and a side of wasabi) are superheroes? SUSHI! I would have loved to be in that meeting. Who pitches an idea like that? Better yet, who thinks it's a good enough idea to put on TV?

In the scheme of things, these programs are the least of my worries, I realize that, but it won't stop me from wondering about them!

In the writing side of my world, I'm still trying to finish chapter 3 of my nonfiction book. As I was writing on Sunday, I realized I need to rewatch the movies...AGAIN! So, I'm gearing up to watch the original Halloween in the next few days. Once I'm through with that, it should be smooooth sailin'! (Yeah, right.)

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