Thursday, January 21, 2010

Things seem to be getting a little better as the month closes out. I received two rejections last week, but I also got a request for a partial. I'm still waiting to hear from the editor on my nonfiction book, but he can take a bit longer if he wants. I've taken the last week off from writing about slasher films, and it has been very freeing! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing about it (most of the time), but it is very tedious and burns me out very quickly. I'm sure I'll pick it back up next week.

Other than that, I've been trying to get caught up on my other writing. I've been working on an article for the serial killer magazine I work for, and I always have articles to do for the agricultural magazine I write for. I'm gearing up to do another short story, so I have enough to keep me busy for a while!

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