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Chapter 16 almost in the bag.

I took down some copies of my novella to the local bookstore today (for those of you in Laramie, it is Grand Newsstand, and it is available at both the Grand Ave. store and the new one). I thought it would be more exciting, but it wasn't. It was kind of disheartening, really. The guy kept telling me that he wasn't really sure where they were going to put them, and not to expect anything. He hoped the best, but he couldn't guarantee anything. I understand that they can't guarantee my stuff will get sold (I'm a writer, I'm used to rejection), it just would have been nice if he was a little excited about it. After all, they're getting all the benefits, I don't make a dime! If they order more, maybe then I'll be happier!

I'm tired today, so I'm being cynical. Perhaps later I will feel better.