Thursday, June 11, 2009

I received my first review for my novel yesterday. I was very nervous about it, and didn't want to open the email, but everything turned out just fine. It was done by the Absent Willow Review (, and here's what they had to say:

"Life for the human colonists on Mars has turned into a hard existence. When the civilian governments failed on Mars the military stepped in and ruled with an iron hand.......

In the first five chapters of the new science fiction novel, Coming From Nowhere, we are introduced to a small band of rebels who are fighting a corrupt, military government led by the aging but evil General. The book’s main character is JD who’s past is a blank slate. The reader does not know if she has amnesia or if her memory has been wiped by nefarious means. All that JD remembers is waking up in a hospital on Mars and being cared for by a handsome doctor named Chris. JD has no control of her life, as she is forced into the planet’s military academy. She takes to the military training as a fish does to water which leads to some speculation of her past life. At the academy she is trained to become a member of the secret police, who are both feared and respected by all who live on Mars. The secret police are comparable to the Nazi’s Gestapo of World War II as they are very intimidating. Among the skills she learns is the art of assassination and extreme hand to hand fighting. In the little free time JD has she falls in love with Chris. This has consequences as the love affair affects her training and the military academy does not approve of failure. By the end of the fifth chapter both Chris and JD are imprisoned and tortured.

The first five chapters will whet your appetite to read the entire novel. The novel offers a quick, enjoyable read while building up suspense with JD’s unknown past and her present conflict. Sinclair’s characters are interesting because they seem ordinary and not perfect, which gives them a realistic feel. One of the more interesting characters is Chris. Chris seems to know more than the author is letting on. The stories antagonist arrives in the figure of the General who is quite the character. You assume it would be the standard cookie cutter evil despot that a lot of uninspired stories use, but not this work of fiction. The General is an aging female with liver spots and a raspy voice. The General’s character only makes a small appearance in the first five chapters but the character is interesting enough to make you want more of her. The pivotal character is of course JD. As a reader, I know I want to know more about JD’s past and what her future holds.

If you enjoy science fiction featuring a good old fashioned rebel group who pits themselves against an omnipotent power then you will certainly get a kick out of this book. It is full of interesting characters, and an intriguing plot.

Copyright 2009, Absent Willow Publishing, LLC"

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