Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I received some very exciting news yesterday. The Cynic Online Magazine has named my story Sohei as one of their Best of 2008. Here is the email:

Congratulations! Your story, Sohei has been selected as one of the best stories of 2008 by The Cynic Online Magazine. As such it is published in the January 1st edition of The Cynic Online Magazine which is currently up.

Once again, congratulations on being selected for the Best of 2008 issue. Your work is 1 of 18 contributors pieces picked from the 186 Features published this year. We thoroughly enjoyed your work and look forward to seeing more great submissions from you in the year to come!

Happy New Year! Happy 'Best of' Day!

-The Cynic Online Magazine Editors

If you haven't read it yet, now is the time. It is the third story in a series of four, and my favorite. I'm glad that someone else shares my opinion! If you would like to access the story, it is available here: http://cynicmag.com/bestof.asp?articleid=2520

Other than that, I have a short story that has come out in NVF Issue 2#. It is entitled "Life After the Undead." If you'd like to check it out, it is available here:

So far, 2009 is looking good! My novel is supposed to be coming out soon, but my publisher has been ill, so I don't have an exact date. I will keep you informed!

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