Friday, November 21, 2008

So I had a very interesting day yesterday. Late in October, I sent out my novel manuscript to a few e-publishers. On November 1, I received word from one that they would not accept the manuscript because there was too much passive writing. Not a big deal; I'm used to rejection. I decided at that point that I needed to find myself an editor and get this taken care of before submitting to other places. Then, yesterday, I received an email from another editor at the same company that said they have accepted my manuscript, under the condition that I fix the passive writing. Needless to say, I was a bit confused. After a few emails, everything was straightened out, and I think I have found a new home for my novel.

I know that this should be fantastic news and that I should be bouncing off the walls, but I find myself very reserved about the whole situation. I have almost been scammed before. Although I do not believe this to be a scam, I am still taking every precaution before signing the contract. I think it's weird: I don't think twice about it when I get a short story published on a site that doesn't pay, but when royalties are involved, I'm suspicious. I'm sure it will turn out just fine, and I will keep you informed...

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