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For Rena

I've been working slightly diligently on some short stories. One is under consideration with an ezine, while the other is still in the editing phase. I'm hoping these two stories will be published, but who knows. The publishing world is so fickle!

I do have three stories coming out in November, though, which makes me very happy. Two of them will be in The Cynic Online Magazine, and I have a flash fiction story coming out on Static Movement. The nice thing about submitting to the same market is that they are generally more receptive to putting your work out. But, it's also nice to try and expand my fan base (assuming that I have one!) by trying different avenues. The only thing I hate about submitting is the waiting. I am not a patient person. Ask any of my friends. But it's the nature of the game, so I try to keep occupied by writing more stories or reading.

I would like to say I keep busy with keeping up with this, but that would be a bold-faced lie!

Good morning to anyone who's reading. I feel a bit silly doing a blog because I really never know what to say. My basic intention is to let readers know about the trials and tribulations I've had to go through to get published. Trust me, it is not an easy road. It is fraught with rejections and loss of self confidence, but when you finally get there, it is well worth the pain and anguish.

My latest project has been to finish my novel. That has been a debacle. The book was first started years ago when I was still in high school, and since then has morphed into the version I have today. I've rewritten it about four times, and after this last time, I've said enough. It's been one of those projects that simultaneously feeds my spirit and drains it. I think it's a good story, but I can't find an agent or publisher who agrees with me. I figure after sending it out a few more times, I'm done. In the drawer it goes. I can't let it hold me back anymore.

Preliminary Post

OK, we're going to see how this goes. I might not keep up-to-date with this thing, but I will try to keep everyone posted on my progress with stories. I hope you enjoy!