Enjoying Dreams

I am one of those lucky people that has incredibly vivid dreams. I love going to sleep and seeing what pictures and stories my mind will put together. Sadly, I don't sleep often (thank you, anxiety!), but when I do, it's the best.

Recently, I had a dream that I was Jason Momoa. In the past, I've had dreams that I was a cartoon character (that was a lot of fun) and that I can speak different languages.

As you can imagine, having good dreams is the most ideal situation, but it's not always possible. Because I have such vivid dreams, when I get stressed, my nightmares can be absolutely horrific. I'm not particularly fond of those dreams. Thankfully, I'm a lucid dreamer, so I can change my dreams if I want.

I've always had incredibly vivid dreams, and more often than not, I remember what happened in them. When I was in high school, I took a psychology class, and one of our assignments was to create a dream journal. Everyone else in the class turned in 1 or 2 pages, while I turned in 10+. I can only imagine what the teacher thought reading through my dreams.

They may be vivid, but they don't always make a whole lot of sense. As you can imagine, being dreams, they follow their own rules. The laws of physics don't get obeyed, and time is often incredibly relative. Still, while I'm in the dream, it all makes perfect sense.

I've used my dreams as inspiration to write stories. Normally, I can't use them as they occur (refer to paragraph above for reason why), but I can pull certain ideas out and expand upon them.

With the work I've been doing to lower my stress, anxiety, and depression, when I've slept, I've been able to have some incredible dreams. I love dreaming. I will try to keep track and let you know if anything of note runs through my mind.

What are your thoughts on dreams? Do you remember yours? Do you enjoy them? What is one of the craziest dreams you remember having?

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