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The Bio is Almost Done!

Last week, I got the cover for the bio. If you didn’t happen to see it on Twitter or Facebook, here it is again.

My friend created it for me, and I think she did an amazing job. You know what that means? The book is this close to being done. I expect the proof to show up any day now. After it’s approved, it will be ready for the world. It’s so exciting to get this book done!

There’s always that moment of bliss when a book is ready to come into the world. I have a sense of accomplishment, that all my hard work paid off. It’s amazing. I ride that wave for a while, then I move on to the next project.

And speaking of next projects, I actually found some time to work on the zombie book over the weekend. That felt really good too. The progress is going slowly, but at least it’s progress.

Don’t forget next month I’m doing my Creatures in Need fundraiser. My friend created a logo for me for the t-shirt. You’ll get to see it as soon as the campaign starts!  Don’t miss out on some amazing books and a chance to help some amazing creatures!

One Step Closer

Over the weekend, I got the biography formatted for both Kindle and paperback. You have no idea how good it feels to have that step of the process completed. It means the books is one step closer to coming into the world.

There is something so satisfying and magical about seeing the book on the screen. It makes it feel real. There are a lot of photos in this book, so it’s awesome to see how they lay out on the page. I can’t wait to hold the proof in my hand! I bet it’s going to smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

If you’re curious, the book is called A Rancher and a Warrior: the Life of Dale Robinson in Wyoming and WWII and here’s what the book is about:

Lance Dale Robinson dreamed of one day owning his own ranch. Born and raised in a small town in Wyoming, ranching was all he’d ever known and it was all he ever wanted to do. But on his way to achieving that dream, WWII got in the way.

He was a heavy machine gunner for Company H of the 313th Infantry. He landed on Normandy Beach 6 days after D-Day, and tells a story of wading through bodies like seaweed to get onto land. He was part of the Battle of the Bulge, where he was almost court-martialed for thinking his sergeant’s life was more important than his weapon. He received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, and a British Military Medal.

When he returned home after his service, he went back into ranching. During his career, Dale worked with the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University to improve artificial insemination of cows. He traveled and lectured about the impacts that were being made in the process, and he helped advance science and ranching.

I’m still waiting for the cover, but I’m hoping to have the book ready sometime in October. You know I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Other than that, not much has been happening on the writing front. I was hoping to get some writing done on the sequel to Humanity’s Hope, but time has gotten away from me. Hopefully now that the biography is almost done I’ll have more time. I think I might have found the title for the book. However, I’m not sharing quite yet because it could always change. I know, it’s not nice of me to tease. Soon, friends, soon.

An October Fundraiser

When Booktrope was still in business, one of the best things they did (and they did a lot!) was allow us authors to take part in a Humble Bundle.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a chance to get some cool stuff and help out charity. It originally started for video games, but they have expanded into the book world. It was amazing to be part of that.

Because I enjoy the premise of what Humble Bundle does, I’m going to do my own in the month of October. It will be called the Creatures in Need: Indie Authors and Bats campaign. There will be different tiers and you get to decide what you pay. The more you contribute, the more cool things you get, including signed paperbacks and a t-shirt. Half the money will go to indie authors and half will go to bats, specifically Bat Conservation International.

Why bats, you ask? Well, for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s October, the holiest of horror months, and bats seem to be a good fit, especially for a horror author. They are also amazing creatures that do a lot for the world, including getting rid of insects and pollinating flowers, but they are very misunderstood and often villainized.

On a personal level, I picked bats because I have an unnatural fear of them. I am fully aware that my fear is unnatural, so I’m doing what I can to overcome it. This is a step in that direction.

I really hope that you will join me in my campaign and supporting creatures in need. If there are any authors or artists that would also like to get involved, shoot me a message using either the contact form on the side or through email at pembrokesinclair at hotmail.com.