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Back to Blogging

Phew! March was a crazy busy month, which is why I opted to not attempt to blog during the insanity. I will be coming back in April, but I wanted to let you know it will be with a new schedule.

Starting next week (April 4th), I will be blogging on the J.D. Pooker blog on Mondays, this blog on Wednesdays, and the Girl Zombie Author blog on Fridays.

I hope you will join me! I have some fantastically fun stories to tell!

Humble Bundle

Hey, friends! I hope you're having an amazing March so far. I'm not quite ready to come back to blog, but it will be soon. I promise. Instead, I wanted to explain to you a little bit about Humble Bundle.

First of all, I want to say that I am truly honored and humbled to have been chosen to take part in such a fabulous program. The other authors involved are amazing and wonderful, and I'm thrilled to be with them!

How it works:

There are three tiers of books to choose from. You pick how much you want to pay, and depending on that amount, it gives you access to the various tiers. If you only pay a little, you get access to the first tier. However, if you decide to pay $15 or more, you get access to all three tiers. And there are a lot of amazing books to read!

The best part about the whole thing is that it gives you the opportunity to support charity. You can either support Freedom of the Press Foundation, Prevent Cancer, or choose your own. You can't lose! Not only do you get some amazing books, you get to make an impact on the world!

These bundles only last for a limited time. I hope you take a moment to see what's there and maybe purchase a tier. We all thank you from the bottom of our heart. YOU ROCK!

You can find the Emerging Sci Fi and Thriller Authors bundle here.