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There Are Advantages to Living in Wyoming

Especially when it comes to the zombie apocalypse. Here are a few things that make me grateful to live in Wyoming.

Low population

As of 2014, the state of Wyoming had a population of 584,153 people. That’s the entire state. That just means there are fewer people who can turn into zombies.

Variable Landscapes

Not only does Wyoming have a low population, it also has lots of open space. Lots of it. From deserts to mountains to grasslands, the terrain is difficult for some people to traverse, it would be nearly impossible for a zombie. There are also long stretches of road, meaning we can see the undead coming from a long way off. And a lot of the terrain is separated by fences because of the agricultural industry. If there are zombies roaming free, they have a long way to roam to find a meal.

Lots of Guns

According to a Wyoming Tribune Eagle article, “Wyoming has the highest rate of gun ownership in the United States. Estimates suggest anywhere from 57.9 to 62.9 percent of households in Wyoming possess at least one gun, putting the Cowboy State ahead of states like Alaska, Montana and Idaho.”

But don’t let that freak you out, there’s also this fact: “Yet despite being awash in guns, Wyoming’s gun homicide rate is extremely low.

According to FBI crime statistics, in 2010 there were only eight murders in the state, five of which were committed with guns. That works out to fewer than one gun murder per 100,000 people.”

So, should the undead rise around here, there’s plenty of fire power to take them down.

Cold Winters

Depending on where you are in the state, the temperature in winter varies; however, every part of the state gets snow, and at some point, it probably dips into negative temperatures. This means that zombies will freeze, probably literally in place. Unable to move, they will be easy to pick off with our vast amount of guns.

Despite these advantages, it’s always good to have a plan in place should the worst-case scenario occur—and you’d better believe my family and I have a plan and are ready.

Do you have any advantages where you live?