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I Can See the Finish Line

I am this close to having the biography done. I can’t tell you how amazing that feels. I was trying to figure out the other day how long I’ve been working on it, and I couldn’t remember. That either means it’s been a really long time or I just blocked it out.

Last week, I worked on the works cited and the bibliography. That’s an involved process, but it’s almost done. I just have to tweak a few references. After that’s done, I have to input the introduction—it’s already written, I just have to type it—and the acknowledgements page. I have a few questions for Dale, but then the text is done.

The fun part is going to be picking out photos. I’m really looking forward to that. My husband and I made a trip to Rock River and McFadden this weekend to take some modern-day photos of the area. That was a nice way to spend the afternoon. The ranch is still there even though Dale doesn’t own it anymore, and it’s lovely.

It’s going to be awesome once this book is done. There’s always a sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a project. After that, it’s back to zombies.