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Summer is (Finally) Here!

The boys’ last day of school was last Friday, and they were soooooo excited to be done. They are absolutely looking forward to summer break.

The weather is finally nice, getting up into the 60s and 70s this week. It’s about damn time. I don’t mind the snow, in fact, as a snowmobiler I look forward to it, but there’s a time and a place for that. And May isn’t that time and place. I also enjoy a few months of not having to wear my winter coat.

Having warmer weather puts me in a really good mood. It gives me and the boys (and I’m including the dogs too) a chance to get outside and frolic. We do that in the winter too, but it requires a lot more preparation…and clothes.

Baseball season is in full swing, and the boys are busy busy with games. They had three last week and three this week. It’s fun to watch them, but it isn’t always that warm. I’m hoping this week will be a little better. However, I live in Wyoming, so I’m not holding my breath. Last week’s last game, which was on Thursday, I was bundled up in my winter coat and a blanket. It was that chilly. I’m hoping this week I won’t need my blanket.

There are so many exciting things happening this summer. Good Intentions (the third book in The Road to Salvation series) is coming out, and I get to go on vacation with my mother-in-law and boys to Seattle! I really love Seattle. I can’t wait to go back.

I hope all of you have a fun summer planned. I will keep you informed of our fantastic adventures.