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One More Ride

Last week, we got dumped on for 3 days. Seriously, I think we got more snow in those few days than we did all winter. It was fantastic!

The fresh snow made it possible for us to go snowmobiling. Since my husband and I already traded in our old sleds for our new 2016s, we had to borrow some. Not a big deal. The one I rode was a 2015—much newer than the one I normally ride.

There were eight of us that headed up, and I was a little nervous. I’d never ridden powder before, but I was going to do my best. The only way to get better is to push my boundaries, and this was definitely going to do that. Still, I was concerned that I would hold the others back. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t about what I couldn’t do, but what I could. I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone but myself.

I worked on tipping my sled and fell off several times. I still don’t have it down, but I’ll get more practice in next season. I think it’ll be easier once I have my own sled. I hope it will. 

Everyone in the group was so excited and had such a great time. We all got stuck multiple times, but that was to be expected with the deep powder. The joke was that if we weren’t getting stuck, we weren’t doing it right. We even got to be the first people to make tracks in several areas.

I’m still undecided if the trip was fun. Riding in powder is super exhausting. I was constantly jumping from one side to the other to keep my balance and wiggling the sled to get unstuck. It was a lot more work than I was used to. (I was so freaking sore later that night and on Monday it wasn’t even funny.)

By the end of the day, I was so frustrated of tipping over and burying my track I wanted to scream. At one point I was upset with myself for picking a bad line and falling into a hole that I kicked and hit the sled. I was just done.

I’m still so new to this experience that it’s more work for me than it is enjoyable. I’m concentrating so hard on not tipping over or picking the right line or trying not to get thrown that it’s hard for me to enjoy the ride. I’m always so worried that I’m holding the others back that it’s hard for me to have fun. 

I hope that in time I’ll be able to enjoy being in fresh powder and have fun on the ride, but until I get better on my sled, I have a feeling the trips are just going to be meh.  I’m going to keep trying, though.