Monday, August 4, 2014

Outlaw Revenge by London Casey‏

London Casey is the pen name for bestselling romance author Karolyn James

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Emily didn't want to go watch a bunch of bikers fight each other, and by the time the fight is over, her best friend is shot dead and Emily finds herself clutching the leather cut of a sexy guy named Gaige as she's on the back of his motorcycle, escaping gunfire.

As Vice President of Back Down Devil MC, Gaige Gaen's world is consumed by the club, the life, and finding a way to make it all work. The last thing he needs on his plate - or in his bed - is a woman like Emily. He can't stop looking at her, and he definitely can't stop touching her. He promises to avenge the death of Emily's best friend, Rachel, but then the situation takes a turn for the worse when Rachel's father - a rich man hell bent on revenge - shows up and wants answers that the MC doesn't have.

Emily is in fear of returning to a past she had escaped. She and Gaige can't seem to stop their feelings for each other, and as her dangerous past digs its way into the present, Gaige and Back Down Devil are now in the line of fire.

The war in Emily and Gaige's hearts rage on, but the war outside needs to be fought... the question is, who is going to make it out alive?

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Q) What inspired you to write this story?
 I’ve always loved motorcycles and bikers and the lifestyle. And through research, it’s quite amazing how these clubs in real life operate and probably still continue to operate today. It’s fascinating… and since I can take a story and spin it into romance, it’s a real honor to write these books.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
 Only about a month. I always come in with a great outline and just run with it.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
 Bringing the story to life. I write to entertain myself and if I do that, then I know the readers will be entertained.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
 Waiting for all the other stuff. Editing, formatting, etc.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Ahh… I would want to be someone like JK Rowling or perhaps Anne Rice. Just to be one of those top of the tier, ultra famous authors. Just to see that lifestyle and have that mind for one day… wow.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Probably a jar of pickles from Christmas. Little finger foods that look nice but nobody eats. Hey, they’re still good!

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
LOTS of biker stuff. Oh, and some more rockstars. The fans have really stuck with me and asked for more books… so here I am, writing. Back Down Devil will continue through at least six books. I am also in talks of bringing back DownCrash for another rockstar series.

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