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The World Will Stop You

A couple weeks ago, my friend Tamara and I went to lunch.  As usual, we talked about the trials and tribulations of writing.  Our topic of conversation focused on how the world stands in your way--not passively, but actively.

The world could care less if you succeed or fail.  It will continue doing what it's doing for as long as it does it.  The only person that can change things is you.  Often, that's not easy.  We have to make choices in our lives, sacrifices to get what we want, and the world tries to stand in our way.

Both Tamara and I work 40 hours at a job that isn't writing.  We both have spouses and children.  Their are pets in our household.  We have other family close.  In essence, there are about a billion things that can draw our attention away from writing during the day, and it usually does.

Getting kids ready for bed
Feeding the dog/cat
Grocery shopping
Spending quality time with the family

This is a very short list of the things that can get in the way.  Both Tamara and I really enjoy our writing and have had limited success with our work.  One day, we dream of having nothing else to do but write.  But how do you get there?  When the other pressures and responsibilities weigh down on you, how to find the time to do a "hobby"?  How do you justify it?  Do you have to?  Even when I make time on the weekends, my boys still need something from me.  The dog has to go outside.  I need to eat.  These distractions are active and persistent.  They refuse to be ignored.

When I want to write, I have to set boundaries.  I have to make a schedule.  I have other responsibilities, yes, but they can be put aside for a moment.  It's a good lesson in patience for the boys to a wait a few minutes while I finish a paragraph.  Same with the dog.  He has fine bladder control.  When the world actively works against you, shove it to the side.  The only way to achieve your goals and get things finished is to let some things slide.  Don't worry, they'll always be there waiting for you.