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Trust: Betrayed: Trust Trilogy Book Two by Cristiane Serruya


I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with my husband and two daughters. I'm a lawyer, who specializes in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women. I also have a Masters in Business Law and a BA in Fine Arts. 
I've always loved to read, write and listen to music. I lived and studied in England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Traveling is one of my passions - as is keeping fit and healthy. 

After twenty-two years of practicing law, I decided to give writing a go. And - amazingly - it was just the piece that was missing in my life.

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Alistair and Sophia have found each other. Their hearts are opening to love again and they are set to have their 'happily ever after'. Or so it seems. 
BETRAYED, the second installment of the Trust series, journeys back into the past to reveal their secrets and dark deeds.

Sophia, the ravishing owner of Leibowitz Oil, is determined to have a relationship with Alistair, but a dark and terrible secret lurks beneath the surface she presents to the world. Will she be able to find peace within herself?

Alistair, a powerful banker, is in love with Sophia but has difficulties overcoming his guilt over his daughter's death and his BDSM proclivities. Certain that he doesn't deserve to be loved, he will do everything to push Sophia away, despite his love for her. Will he be able to find redemption?

Ethan, a steel tycoon, no less haunted by his secrets and lies, is still in love with Sophia after their short lived relationship. He now lives in an alternate reality he has created, because the loss of Sophia is too unbearable to face. He will pay any price to have her. Will he have her back in his arms or will he overcome his loss and move on?

Sophia, Ethan and Alistair will need to overcome their guilt, fear and pain and learn to see themselves through forgiving eyes.

Or will they succumb to their misery?

Hello, I’m very happy to be hosted by you on your amazing site. I thank you for the opportunity to help me promote my books and voice my thoughts.

Q) What inspired you to write this story?
I have always written. Small poems, short stories, kids’ stories. In April 2009, when I was very sick at home - and extremelly borde, baceles I cpulddn’t even read or. watch TV, so bad was my headache. So, I decided to tell myself a story. The sede was planted, but it took me more than a year to gather the courage to put some ideas on paper. Then I discovered that I could speak of things that enchanted me and inequities that aggravated me in a much more creative and lighter way than my work as a lawyer.
Real life is what inspires me to write. Look around you, listen to your family’s stories, your neighbors’ daily lives, read the newspapers. There are so many stories waiting to be told and not enough time to write about them.

So, I wanted to tell an exciting story about people that are ridiculously wealthy and beautiful but, like anyone, are empty without love. Money helps, but it can’t buy you love.

Trust is an erotic trilogy, so I couldn’t leave out a couple of handsome hunks and a sexy woman. And, of course, hot sex scenes. This is what we all want: Lust and love and a better world.

I wanted to tell an exciting story about people that are ridiculously wealthy and beautiful but, like anyone, are empty without love. Money helps, but it can’t buy you love.

Trust is an erotic trilogy, so I couldn’t leave out a couple of handsome hunks and a sexy woman. This is what all we want: Friendship, love, and someone to grown old with, when it comes mixed with lust, even better. So, of course, I put a… hmmm… a few hot sex scenes, too.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
TRUST was not supposed to be a trilogy. It started growing and growing and growing. Then… It didn’t fit in its clothes anymore. :) I realized that I had a beautiful monster (please, think of the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast) in my hands. The whole story conception took about six months to be done.

But then, I had to reshape it all over again. I split the book in 3 parts and rewrote and bettered many scenes and add a few more. In the whole, it took me eight months writing and editing TRUST: A NEW BEGINNING. Six months for TRUST: Betrayed and I guess it will take me at least six months for TRUST: Pandora’s Box too.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
I love the writing process. Creating the characters and imagining their interactions. Planning and imagining the settings, the clothes, the talks, the drama, the craziness, those are funny things.

It’s absolutely marvelous to have the possibility to create a world which you control what is going to happen. I can make people fall in love - or kill one another - with just a few clicks on keyboard. I have a good laugh imagining how my friends and family would fit into my characters. I can recreate real situations where I can put my opinions and transmit my ideas through a character. I can cry and sob writing heart-wrenching scenes. It’s… mind-blowing.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Reviewing your manuscript and chasing the naughty typos will be there if you don’t polish and polish and polish your manuscript over and over again. I‘m also still struggling with the publishing and marketing part. Also, converting it it’s kind of hard. For Betrayed I hired a company.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Hmmm. I’m very happy with myself. I don’t want to be anyone else. Maybe a little richer :) and a little thinner :). But that’s okay too. 
And, specially, I want to make help people there are in difficulties. In fact, I’m trying to establish an association with the organization Children Of The Night a way to donate a percentage of my earnings to help them.

But answering your question: If I had to choose: Diana, Princess of Wales. I have no words to qualify the superb qualities and kindness of Her Royal Highness. She was elegant, she did charity work, she distributed love and happiness to where she went. She was beautiful, a wonderful mother, a woman to be admired! She was unique!

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
My husband. Oops! Just kidding! He is only four years old than me and a dear, loving partner. We have been married for more than happy twenty years and he is still fresh as he was when I met him. :) 
Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
Well, the sequel of A New Beginning, TRUST: Betrayed is out. New characters are going to appear and I will reveal many important events from the three principal characters' past.Their lives are going to be turned upside down and then again inside out. In autumn 2013, the readers will be able to read the conclusion of the Trust trilogy, Pandora’s Box.

After that, *rubbing hands*, I intend to write about the love stories of Sophia’s siblings. I have already started Carolina's story, but Felipe has been asking to go first, since he is the older brother. But Carolina is very special. She really needs to tell her story. Her story will rock’n’roll Hollywood, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and London. Fashion designers and film directors will fight over her.

Stay tuned to find out! I’ll be always informing the news on my website, fan page and twitter accounts.

Again, I’d like to thank you for this interview and for helping me promote my book. I love to hear from readers… Hearing from readers is very important to me. It always helps me to do a better job and I love to trade opinions. So, I want to invite everybody who that wants to drop me message here or on my website http://cristianeserruya.com.br.