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Special Offers by M.L. Ryan‏

M.L. Ryan is a profes­sional woman — not that she gave up her amateur status, but rather that she is over-educated with a job in which she spends a lot of time writing dry science non-Fiction. In an effort to strength­en the less logi­cal side of her brain, she decided to write some of the many stories rolling around in her head.  She lives in Tucson, AZ with her husband, son, four cats, two dogs and two adopt­ed desert tortoises.
Twitter: @MLRyan1
As soon as Hailey Parrish discovered her husband was cheating with her co-worker, she swore off men. She had to find another job when her boss went to prison for being a pimp in his spare time. Three years later, Hailey still hadn’t gone on a date and she milks chinchilla for a living. Her life is about to get weirder. 

While in pursuit of inter-dimensional miscreants who use their arcane powers to prey upon humans, Sebastian Kess was ambushed and mortally wounded. To save his life, he used his own magic to convert his soul to binary code and transfer it into Hailey’s soon-to-be shipped Kindle eBook reader. When Hailey inadvertently releases him and he inhabits her body, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she imagined.

Hailey must come to grips with the existence of the parallel dimension of Coursodon and the realization that magically inclined non-humans walk the world while dealing with Sebastian’s arrogant banter in her head.  Her predicament also introduces her to another supernatural, the handsome could-be-the-man-of-her-dreams Alex Sunderland.  The action moves from Hailey’s hometown of Tucson, Arizona to New England and across Europe as she and Alex try to return Sebastian to his own body while staying one step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is. 
Special Offers, the first book of the Coursodon Dimension Series, combines paranormal romance, urban fantasy, a bit of science fiction and a healthy dose of quirky humor.
Q) What inspired you to write this story?
I had just purchased my full-priced Kindle when I realized Amazon was selling less expensive versions that came with “special offers” (ads instead of the pretty drawings). For some reason, my warped brain thought it would be amusing if what made the cheaper Kindles special was that they came with some fiendish spirit. Originally, I imagined something like a havoc-wrecking poltergeist, but that quickly changed into the annoying, yet ingratiating, Sebastian.

Q) How long did it take you to write?
It took about six months of writing, mainly in the evenings and on weekends. Those pesky day jobs really get in the way sometimes.

Q) What is your favorite thing about writing?
Letting the story out of my head is very satisfying. As the characters’ personalities unfold, it is like developing a relationship with them.

Q) What is your least favorite thing about writing?
The hardest part is working through a block. It’s tough to write when you’re stuck, and I find that trying to power through doesn’t usually work well for me. I’m better off doing something else and coming back to it later. It’s also difficult to write on a restricted schedule. Sometimes I have great ideas, but I have to go to work instead of having a chance to write. I leave notes to myself constantly with snippets of dialogue or plot lines so I won’t forget. For some reason, I get lots of ideas while driving.

Q) If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Wonder Woman. I really love the boots. And the lasso of truth isn’t too shabby either.

Q) What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
I think there is a bottle of green olives from the Pleistocene. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. But they’ve been in there at least five years.

Q) What can readers expect from you in the future?
The second book in the series — Special Rewards — was recently published and I am currently hard at work on the third.

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