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Then Came Love by Mona Ingram‏

Mona Ingram was born in Ontario, Canada. Her family moved to British Columbia when she was twelve, and she can't imagine living anywhere else. In recent years she has lived in the Okanagan Valley and on Vancouver Island. In addition to reading and writing, traveling and bird watching are among Mona’s favorite pastimes.

Mona writes contemporary romance novels and takes great delight in creating unexpected twists and turns in her story lines. She frequently sets her books in areas which are familiar to her, immersing the reader in the setting. One reader recently commented that “after reading Fixing Freddie, I felt as though I’d been on a trip to Vancouver.”

Twitter: @MonaIngram1

Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Amanda Reimer grabs the opportunity to go on a short holiday by herself. An undercover cop, Jackson Galloway is a member of the RCMP Green Team, and he’s in the interior of British Columbia to find a marijuana grow-op. Jackson gives Amanda a lift to Loon Lake Resort and is intrigued by the gentle woman. The chemistry between the two is immediate and powerful, but Amanda is determined to stick to her marriage vows...besides, she’s afraid of her husband. Jackson is just as see Amanda again when the drug bust is over.

But will the growing love between Amanda and Jackson survive the pressures of finding the grow-op?

Join Amanda and Jackson in a journey of discovery, where the ultimate destination is love.

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Welcome, Mona.

Thanks, Pembroke. Glad to be here. I’m so glad to hear you opened up your blog to other authors. As you know, we’re a chatty lot! Speaking of which, I’d better get on to your questions.

What inspired you to write Then Came Love?
Each one of my stories starts with a little nugget. I find them everywhere. In this case, I was listening to the news on the car radio, and heard about a drug bust by a branch of our famous RCMP. I started doing research, and learned that British Columbia, like many states to the south, is an ideal place to hide a grow-op. All that land...those valleys...and our climate is a lot warmer than many people realize. The rest of the story was fairly easy to flesh out.

How long did it take you to write?
I got lucky on this one, because I didn’t have any major interruptions. It took slightly under a month, including polishing and editing.

What is your favorite thing about writing?
I love it when the words flow onto the screen effortlessly. But I also like the logistics of writing. My genre is contemporary romance, so the settings are based in reality. Of course I give my imagination free rein when I describe interiors of buildings, and layouts of towns, but what I really enjoy is making sure that all the pieces fit together properly. So and so does such and such...but why? In Then Came Love, for example, Amanda agrees to work in the kitchen at the fishing resort. Where did she get the experience, and how does it fit in with the story? Or, how does her husband find her, when she’s not where he thought she’d be? I needed to know some technical stuff about cell phones – range, and how they’d react if left out overnight. So I popped on down to the local cell phone store and they were glad to help. The creation of the story is my primary love, but I enjoy making sure that all the facts make sense.

If you could be any famous person for one day, who would you be and why?
Pembroke, are you trying to stump me? ‘Cause this almost did it. You see, I hate the thought of being famous; of having people looking at me.

Okay, I’d be Kim Jong-un. I’d open up North Korea’s borders permanently, and liquidate all my personal assets to feed my starving people.

What is the oldest thing in your fridge and how old is it?
Gotcha! A box of baking soda that’s been there since I moved in two and a half years ago. I think there’s also some sweet and sour sauce back there keeping it company.

What can readers expect from you in the future?
I have so many new stories rattling around in my head; it’s hard to keep them all straight. I think the trilogy will win out. Three friends, whose unique stories are interwoven, yet stand alone. I’m looking forward to that.

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Mona Ingram said...

Hi Pembroke
Thanks so much for the interview, and for letting me tell your readers about Then Came Love. I'd like to wish everyone good luck in the giveaway!