Friday, September 7, 2012

Looooong Day

Sorry for the late post, but I've been busy at work with board meetings.  Tomorrow is the last day, so things will quickly get back to normal.

If you recall from my Wednesday morning blog, I couldn't wait until that afternoon to hear from my big kindergartner to make sure he made it to his grandma's safely after school.  He wasn't supposed to get to grandma's work until close to 4:00.  I did a pretty good job of keeping myself occupied until then, but around 3:45, I made sure I kept my phone right next to me.

It rang.  I scooped it up and looked at the number.  It wasn't one I recognized, but then I thought, "Well, maybe my mother-in-law forgot her phone and borrowed someone else's."  I answered it, and that stupid boat horn sounded, followed by a recording telling me about cruise lines.  Irritated, I hung up.

After a few more minutes, it rang again.  THIS time it was the right number.  I answered and asked the 5 year old how his day was.


"How was the bus ride?  You get on okay?"


"Were your friends on there with you?"

"Yeah.  Can I get off the phone now?"

I, of course, said yes.  Later when I picked him up and asked him more questions about his day, his response to everything was that it was "stupid."  Ah, tired, hungry kids, it doesn't get more exciting. 

Have a great weekend!

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