This Week in Writing

I signed a contract last weekend for my fourth novel.  MuseItUp Publishing decided they wanted Wucaii, so the tentative release date is April 2013.  It seems like forever away, but I know it will be here before I realize it.  You know I will keep you updated on the progress.

It's been a pretty chill week on the writing front.  I did edits (mine and someone else's) and wrote another blog post (for the secret thing).  Other than that, I've been really lazy.  I need to start edits on Wucaii, but I haven't had the desire.  It has been a long, busy week.  This weekend isn't going to be much different.  I have until September 20 to get them done, and I will get them done, but I need to find my motivation first.  If any of you see it, please tell it to come home.

Yesterday, I had my first radio interview for Life Lessons from Slasher Films.  I've done radio before, but that doesn't stop me from getting nervous.  I try not to be; I tell myself I'm just talking to someone on the phone, and that helps a little.  There is a podcast of the show online, and you can access it here.  I usually don't listen to the shows once they're on, only because I'm sure I sound like a total moron, but I encourage you all to check it out.  Let me know what you think!

Last night, the spouse and I had some things to do, so the boys stayed over at Grandma's.  As usual, we ran a little late, so we didn't pick them up until bedtime.  Neither one of us ate, so we ran through a drive-thru.  For some reason, the boys were wound for sound.  They were bouncing off the walls and screeching and screaming.  Both my spouse and I told them to calm down and chill out, and they did--for about two seconds.  Finally, my spouse had enough.  One of the kids screeched for the umpteenth time, so my spouse turned around and said, "This is the last time.  I mean it.  How many times do I have to tell you to chill out?"

The boys sat silently for a moment, and my spouse turned around in his seat.  From the back came the voice of the 3 year old, who said, "Four times."

I almost lost it!  I had to bite my lips and turn away so they couldn't see me laughing.  I guess if you ask the question, you're going to get an honest answer.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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