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This Week in Writing

Check out the blog over at eTreasures.  It gives some insight into the Madison Lintz photo and my and the artist's reaction to it.

This week, I've been doing edits, edits, edits.  Death to the Undead came back, so I had to get that finished so, hopefully, it will come out soon.  After that, I have two content edits lined up.  On Sunday, I did get a little writing done on the new novel.  I believe I'm halfway through chapter 4.  That will go on hold for a short while so I can finish my other, more pressing, matters.

I was just thinking, I don't believe I've shared the final cover for Death to the Undead with you.  For your viewing pleasure:

The boys and I were out back the other night, and a gull flew overhead.  The 3 year old pointed it out shouting, "Sea gull!  Sea gull!"  Or his version of that.

The 5 year old started laughing and says, "Raisin!  Raisin!"

I pushed my eyebrows together and stared at him.  Raisin?  I thought.  What in the world is he talking about?

He looked at me and chuckled slightly, then says, "Just kidding.  I didn't see a raisin in the sky."

Then, it hit me, he was referring to a RAVEN!  I laughed.  It always amazes me what kids hear--or think they hear--and repeat.

Have a fabulous weekend!