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Screw This Week In Writing

I've got way more exciting news!

Today is my birthday, and as a present to you, I am sharing an excerpt from my story "The History of My Wishes."  At 3:00 pm Eastern (1:00 Mountain Standard time) it will be posted on MuseItUp Publishing's blog.  Check it out.

On Wednesday, my highly talented, super cool, wonderful friend Jerrod Brown had an art show in Florida.  One of his guests was another actor/extra from "The Walking Dead."  His name is Michael Koske.

I had some warning that he was going to be there, so I signed a book and sent it to Jerrod to give to him.  In return, he signed a picture for me.  Jerrod was kind enough to send photos from the show.  I've included them for your viewing pleasure.

This bottom one is my signed picture.  The inscription reads: 
"Pembroke, I only love you for your BRAINS!! *Michael Koske*"

Can you say freaking awesome!  I am so incredibly stoked.

And, if you really care, I did get quite a bit of writing done on the novelette this week.