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Ice Age:  Continental Drift (2012)

The boys love all of these movies.  Granted, I think they've only seen the first one once, but the second and third they've seen a bazillion times and still laugh at them.  I, too, enjoy these movies, so I thought it would be fun to go to the theater.  We wanted to go to the 2D version (the 3 year old has issues keeping his glasses on), but it wasn't playing at the right time.  Oh, well.  The 3 year old would do what the 3 year old needed to do.

I missed the first few minutes because the 3 year old was thirsty, so I had to get him a drink (couldn't want one during the previews, oh, no.  He had to wait until the movie started).  I still got the gist of the film, though.  Teenage daughter doesn't like to be told what to do by her parents, says mean things to Dad, Dad gets swept away on an iceberg during the drifting of continents, daughter feels guilty, Dad has to make way back to family, adventure ensues.

The movie was pretty predictable, but it was funny.  By the fourth installment, you would think the films would get old.  I didn't feel that way.  I thought they did a nice job of keeping it fresh and entertaining.  Plus, all the references to other films was fabulous!  I didn't catch them all.  There was one part with some scary creatures, but otherwise, the movie was very kid (and adult) friendly.  I'm sure we'll be adding the DVD to our collection, then I can catch all the movie references!  If you like the Ice Age movies, I recommend this film.

Lockout (2012)

You know, I have never thought of Guy Pearce as an action star.  Really, I didn't think too much about him at all, but I have to say, I was highly impressed.  I only heard about this movie a couple of days ago when I saw a commercial for it.  It was On Demand, so we gave it a go.

It's the story of Snow, an ex-government agent who is accused of murder.  The prison facility he's being sent to in space has been taken over by the prisoners, and the president's daughter is one of the hostages.  To reduce his sentence, he's sent in to get her out.  As usual, it was pretty predictable, but it had eye candy, explosions, and fights with a somewhat decent plot, so you know it was my kind of movie. 

Guy Pearce was really hot in this film and had some great one liners.  It was the perfect movie to just sit back and enjoy and not have to think too much about.  If you're a fan of action flicks (especially old-school action flicks that involve crazy bad guys, good guys with attitude, and action without an over-arching love story), I recommend this film.

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