Friday, December 2, 2011

The Week in Writing/Public Appearances

I gave "Death to the Undead" to some beta readers. I'm putting them on a tight deadline, so I'm hoping to have comments by next Sunday. My goal is to have a finalized version to send to the publisher at the end of the month. Hey! It's good to have goals.

Yesterday, I mentioned I was doing a reading at the library. I'll admit, I was very nervous. If you recall, my last experience with a reading ended in six people showing up. Since I'm soooo optimistic, I figured it would be about the same this time. Especially since it was kids.

The contact with the library mentioned that they had purchased books to give to the kids that showed up. I figured 3-4, nothing over the top. You can imagine my surprise when I realized they ordered 15 (1-5!). And the best part about the whole thing, they were able to give away every single copy! That's right, FIFTEEN kids showed up to listen to me read my first chapter. The age range for the group was 11-18, but don't ask me to give specific ages because I'm terrible at that kind of thing!

I had the best time reading and talking to that group. They were enthusiastic and asked fantastic questions. They were very excited to have me sign their books. They even complimented me on how exciting the first chapter was and how it drew them into the story immediately. I walked out of there on cloud nine.

The program director mentioned that she would like me to come back, and I told her I would absolutely love that! It truly was an amazing experience, and I would be honored to do it again!

I'm going into this weekend thinking that maybe I do know what I'm doing when it comes to writing. I'm energized and refreshed and optimistic. I hope you feel the same this weekend! Have a great one!


Tamara said...

That is so cool!! You totally rock.

Betty said...

Fabulous! I think this could be your audience or at least one of many :)

Pembroke Sinclair said...

Thanks, ladies. I always appreciate your support! I'm hoping this is one of many audiences!