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Movie Review Monday

It's been a while, but I actually had the chance to sit down and watch a movie this weekend. However, I wish I wouldn't have!

Hereafter (2010)

If someone could please explain this movie to me, I'd greatly appreciate it. I got the whole thing about wondering whether or not there is something after death. I got that there was and George could talk to dead people. What I didn't understand is why it needed to be over 2 hours long.

Maybe it was my frame of mind. Maybe I was just tired, but I couldn't finish the film. It seemed so quiet to me. There was barely any dramatic music, and long shots of sad faces. I know that was supposed to be the point, to highlight the turmoil these people are going through in their lives.

Personally, I didn't care about the characters. I felt sorry for the twins and their home life, but not really enough to feel anything when the one died. And George, well, I didn't have enough background about his life. Same with the reporter.

I know how it ends, even though I didn't see it. I know George gets together with the girl and gives the twin closure. Hooray! Through death they were able to make connections in real life. Perhaps that was the whole point of the film?

Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?