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I'm Such a Softy

I'm not a big fan of dogs. I like them all right, especially when they are other peoples, but I prefer cats. I'm not going to go into reasons why. Those of you who are cat people already know, and those of you who are dog people will never understand.

So, that being said: our family acquired another dog (I'll post a picture of him tomorrow). I fought hard against having another puppy in the house. Do you know how hard it is to potty train a dog AND change diapers? It's not fun. I prefer not swimming in excrement.

Luckily, Ryder is 3.5 months old, so he's already potty trained. He's a pure-bred black lab, and he comes from the same litter my spouse wanted a puppy from in the first place. He was bought by someone else, then it turned out they couldn't have him, so they were going to take him to the animal shelter. In rides our family on a white horse with armor gleaming.

Ryder is pretty dang cute. But that's how puppies suck you in. If they were ugly, no one would want them. The boys are thrilled to have him, especially the 2 year old. Now, he has someone to sleep in his room with him. (Riddick, the other dog, has slept in the 4 year old's room for a long time. The dog wards off the monsters!) All morning I've heard, "That my dog. He seep me!"

Even though I'm not a fan of dogs, that doesn't mean I want to see them suffer. But I also know I can't save them all. Taking in Ryder is my small contribution. Plus, it makes all the boys in my family happy, and that makes me happy!