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As Summer Ends

The one thing I really love about the town I live in is the summers. They are pretty mild, peaking at a balmy 85 degrees (which, really, is a little hot for me, but it's better than 102!), and we have very low humidity. I also really enjoy the fact that this town empties out.

I live in a college town. When school is in session, there are close to 40,000 people here (I'm not exactly sure about this number. I looked at city-data.com, and it said there were over 27,000 people in July). Some of you scoff, since that's still a small town, but for us, it's a lot. When summer rolls around, half of the town is gone. It's fabulous!

This morning, while taking the kids to daycare, I drove by the dorms. A line of cars wrapped around the block. It was depressing. The students are coming back. That means 1) the summer is almost over, 2) there are going to be ridiculous amounts of parties this weekend, and 3) traffic is going to be awful.

After the first month or so, things calm down as the students get into their schedules, so the chaos doesn't last forever. It just makes me sad to think another year is flying by. *Sigh* Where does the time go?