Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog Tour/This Week in Writing

The tour continues! Today Margaret Karmazin is the featured author. You can check out her blog here.

I finished chapter 9 of the sequel. This one stalled a bit. I don't know if my mind was focused elsewhere or what, but it was a little difficult to get down. I won't know if it's any good until I go back and read it, but that won't be for a while. Must.continue.on. Like I said, my goal is to have the story done by the end of the year, so I must keep moving forward!

I'm still waiting to hear about the zombie anthology, along with edits for an article I wrote 2 weeks ago and edits for the nonfiction book. I'm not overly worried about getting those. I'm on vacation next week, so things are going on hold.

With the 4th of July on Monday, the kids got to do something new: they got to light fireworks. The law says you can't shoot them in town, but who's gonna stop you in the county? One of my spouse's friends has a house out there, so we loaded up and headed out.

Of course, we had rules. There were 3 kids there, all under the age of 6. They were excited and bouncy and screechy, but they did a great job of listening. No one got hurt, and everyone had a good time.

We never really did fireworks when I was a kid. Playing with sparklers and Black Cats was about the extent of it. When I was in high school, my friends and I used to have bottle rocket wars (yeah, that was a great idea. I don't recommend doing that!). I was surprised at how many different fireworks there are. We had bugs and tanks and trucks and a dragon thing. We also had sparklers and Black Cats and bottle rockets. I didn't light any of them. I was content to sit back and watch. I was just excited as the kids. I was bouncy, but I refrained from screeching.

It was so much fun to watch the kids ooo and aah over the fireworks. I hope you took the time to let you inner child out to ooo and aah also. If not, take a moment this weekend. Heck, even if you did, take another moment this weekend. It's good for the soul!

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