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This Week in Writing

I finished chapter 3 of my second zombie novel. I need to think of a name to refer to it as. Maybe just "the sequel." That works. This one seemed to come with some difficulty. I'm not sure why. I got some stuff on paper, but I know I will have to fix it later! At least it gave me a bit of momentum. I was struggling with what was going to happen in the story (still am), but I have a slightly better idea now.

I'm also working on an article for Midnight Marquee Press. You may or may not remember that this was one of the companies that had an interest in my book. I didn't go with them, but I still talk to the editor. The article is about slasher films, but it's not from my book. My hope is that it will drum up some interest and people will like my writing so I will get some followers. It's a marketing plan. We shall see how it works out!

As I mentioned earlier this week, my schedule has been thrown off so I've been out of sorts. Apparently, I'm not the only one. The boys have been having a hard time getting up and getting ready, too. The other morning, they were sitting at the table eating breakfast, and I heard the 4 year old whimpering. I asked him what was wrong.

"My brother is looking at me! He won't stop," he tells me.

Normally, I would tell him to get over it or move (I'm pretty sure I just rolled my eyes and told him to figure it out), but I completely sympathized with him. Some days you just don't want anyone looking at you. Some days you just want to be left alone to live inside your head and enjoy the voices, incoherent as they may be. I know I've been like that recently.

Hopefully after resting this weekend and getting back on schedule will fix that for next week! Hopefully people will be able to look at me again. (It won't change my desire to live inside my head, though. The voices get angry if I don't converse with them for at least an hour a day!) Have a great weekend!