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Easy Question Tuesday

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I used to think I was a dog person, but there have been a couple of canines in my life that have cured me of that. The first was my mom's dalmation, Bo. Man, what an idiot that dog was! He ate everything, including batteries, bath oils, and my grandpa's hearing aid (no, he wasn't wearing it at the time).

The second is the dog we own right now, Riddick. He is a Springer spaniel/lab mix. He looks like a chocolate lab but has a docked tail. He's extremely hyper and believes he's higher than me on the totem. He doesn't listen very well, and he likes to chew on anything made of plastic. He's great with the kids, so that's really his only saving grace.

So, I guess that makes me a cat person. I love their independence and aloofness. I've had two kitties, one of which I had to put down last year. She was a sweetie, but she was part Siamese so she meowed all the time. That got a little old. My second is a shelter kitty. She's so sweet. Even though my spouse picked her out, she's all mine. She sits on my lap, she sleeps at my feet, and follows me around the house. She knows who loves her the most!