Thursday, May 19, 2011

Clearing Things Up

After thinking about it for a while yesterday, I realized that the book I read wasn't about Sasquatches, it was about Neanderthals, and was entitled Neanderthal. It's easy to see where the confusion came in. So, Bigfoot War was the first book I've read about Bigfoot, but it won't be the last. I'm definitely reading the next two installments and the comic!

I also wanted to tell you a little bit about making comments on my blog. A while back, I had to turn on Comment Moderation because I was getting spam in my comment box. (Really? You have to spam comment boxes? Get a life!) So, if you leave a comment and it doesn't automatically appear, it's because I have to approve each one. It will be there eventually, as I hope some of you have noticed, so don't let that discourage you from commenting!

And speaking of clearing things up, I can't wait until the weather decides what it's going to do. Monday it was a balmy 60 degress and lovely, today it's snowing. Normally, I don't mind the snow, but I'm a little tired of it right now. I'm ready for warm weather and the chance for the kids to play outside. It will be here soon enough, but not fast enough!

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