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This Week in Writing

I finished my read through of the travesty, I mean, the nonfiction. My plan is to input the edits this weekend. Even though it's not going anywhere, at least I can say it's done. Feels good. Now I'm just waiting to hear about the other proposal before I figure out what my next project is.

I received 3 rejections this week. The first one was really nice because they told me they would be interested in hearing from me in the future if I had any relevant projects. That was pretty cool. However, I doubt I'll have any "relevant" projects in the future, but who knows?

The other rejection was niceish. They didn't ask me to submit in the future, but they were apologetic. The last one was from a small press that didn't really have the resources to publish what I wrote and it didn't fit in with his current list. Oh, well. At least I tried!

I still have a few submissions out there that I'm waiting for responses. Of course, I can probably guess what they are going to be. It's OK, though. Really, it is. I'm not the first author this has happened to, and I won't be the last. Like I said, at least I finished the damn thing. Now, it won't weigh on my conscience and I can move on to other things!