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One of Those Days

I had a late start today because I had to go to physical therapy this morning. It's not exactly a good day because my shoulder is KILLING me. I'm trying to remain positive, think of good things, but it's really hard. Pain is clouding my brain.

Speaking of being positive, I'm leaving work early today to work on a novella I was asked to write. I'm very excited about getting this done. It's in a genre I don't normally write in, so I'm looking forward to the challenge. I know you're wondering what the genre is, so here ya go: Paranormal Romance. Can you believe it?! I already have an idea and started the story, we shall see how well it goes (and if I can get 10,000 words out of it)!

I also want to write a zombie story for an anthology, but I'm not sure if I'll have time. The deadline is May 13, and that is fast approaching. If only I didn't have bills and real jobs getting in the way! One day writing will be my profession, then I'll have all day to write!