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Movie Review Monday

Hop (2011)

My in-laws and I thought it would be fun to take the boys to this movie. The 4 year old watched the previews, and he thought they were hilarious.

The movie itself wasn't bad. Sadly, at an hour and a half, it was a little too long. The kids (and not just mine) had a hard time sitting still. I'm sure part of that was because they were all jacked up on sugar (you can't go to the theater without getting treats!). The film does throw some musical interludes into it to keep the kids interested, but it didn't really help.

The story is about EB, who is supposed to become the next Easter Bunny, but he doesn't want the job. He wants to be a drummer. Like all teenagers, he fights against the older generation and runs away to follow his dream. He runs into Frank, who is also a disappointment to his father because he can't keep a job or move out of his parent's house. Of course, by the end, both of them get their acts together.

The film had some jokes for the adults, especially with David Hasselhoff, and it wasn't horrific. There were some amusing parts, but it's hard to enjoy a film when two kids are crawling all over you looking for the bag of Skittles (I kid you not, my 2 year old is a sugar junkie!). It was worth it for the kids to see in the theater. They enjoyed the majority of it. Has anyone else seen this film? What did you think?