Friday, March 18, 2011

This Week in Writing

I finished my story "The History of Wishes." It's with some readers right now, and I'm just patiently awaiting it's return. I need to go through it again and make sure I took all the passive writing out of it. Stupid passive writing.

I'm also working on edits to my novella "Finding Eden." Again, I have to take care of the passive writing. It's all good, though. I didn't really have anything else to work on, so this will keep me busy. Well, I have tons of stuff to work on, but nothing I'm motivated to do. This has a deadline, so it gets my butt in gear.

Speaking of getting my butt in gear, I was home with a sick child yesterday. He had an upset stomach and a slight fever. Whenever he had children's Advil in his system, he was right as rain. The fever was gone and his tummy felt better. At one point in the afternoon, I commented on how the house needed picked up. He looked at me and said, "Well, then, c'mon. Let's get it done."

Since I had already picked up most of the toys that morning, I told him the rest was up to him. He says, "OK. I'll pick these up and you get the vacuum out." And he did. He followed me around the house while I vacuumed, screeching at the top of his lungs (Why? I have no idea). Both boys even helped me sweep and mop the kitchen floor. I got something accomplished!

It is so nice to have a little help in the motivation department. I was content to let the house stay the way it was, but with the help of my kiddo, we got it nice and clean. I hope you find your motivation this weekend, and if not, I hope someone is there to give you a little push.

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