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Movie Review Monday

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)

This was another one of those violent cartoons that the 3 year old really enjoys watching. I like it a lot, too. I always think it's fun when the heroes go to a parallel planet.

The story was very fascinating. The particular Earth the Justice League has to go to is almost an exact opposite of their world. The bad guys always win, and the Justice League has been wiped out. Lex Luthor is the head of the Justice League on this parallel Earth, and he comes looking for help. Of course, Wonder Woman and Superman heed the call, along with a few others, and they show progresses. Batman decides it's not his fight, so he stays behind to protect his world. However, the bad guys eventually come to him. Fights and explosions abound.

(The first time I watched it [we've seen it several times, as you can imagine], I couldn't figure out why it was so important that Superwoman always be kissing Owlman [who was voiced by James Woods. I like James Woods!]. Then, it hit me. She's the opposite of Wonder Woman, who doesn't like men. Duh!)

The film has a very philosophical/science fiction feel to it, which I really enjoy. This isn't the first time the parallel Earth thing has been proposed. It gave the heroes insight into their own existence (especially Batman). It was fun to see what it would be like if the heroes decided to be villains instead, and they'd be extremely tough to defeat!

The film was also kind of an origin film. It explained where Wonder Woman got her invisible jet and how the Justice League expanded to allow new members. There were a few heroes on there that I didn't recognize, but that's not really shocking since I'm pretty naive when it comes to comics.

It was a highly entertaining film that kept both the 3 year old and I happy. As usual, there was enough fighting to keep him happy and enough of a story to keep my attention. If you like super heroes and cartoons, I recommend this film.