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This Week in Writing

I've almost completed my section on Black Christmas (2006). The only thing I have left is to input the historical information. My goal was to have it done this week, but I contracted a virus and felt like crap. I know, excuses, excuses, but I would like to see you be productive when your throat is on fire and you can barely hold your eyes open. My plan is to catch up this weekend.

I also started rewatching Psycho (1998). Pretty much like everyone else who has seen this movie, I'm dumbfounded as to why they remade it. I mean, it's pretty much a carbon copy of Hitchcock's version. The mannerisms, the dialogue, the camera shots. A few things have been changed, but very few. Plus, I don't think Vince Vaughn makes a very good Norman. I like Vince, but he's just a little too creepy for the role. The wonderful thing about Anthony Perkins was that he looked normal. Vince just looks like a nut. And he doesn't giggle very well.

I don't think the remake has the same tension as the original, either. And, no, it's not because I know what's going to happen. I knew what was going to happen when I watched the first one, and I still felt the tension. Maybe I'm just being biased. Either way, I still have to watch it (probably multiple times) so I can write about it. Finishing that movie and watching either the remake of Friday the 13th or Halloween are my goals for this weekend.

Unrelated topic: The 3 year old's brain has been working overtime lately. He gets really excited while telling me a story or asking a question, and he starts stuttering or mixing up his words. I just stare at him and tell him to spit it out, and since only the literal part of his brain functions, he pretend spits. It's very amusing. He's done it enough times now that all I have to do is put my hand on my hip, and he'll stop and go "Pchoo." It actually gives him a moment to collect his thoughts and form a coherent sentence. If you find yourself needing to spit something out this weekend, I just hope you don't get it on the other person's shoe!