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Oh, dear god is this week over yet? I don't know why, but I can't sleep for crap. I think it's just the excitement and stress of the holiday. It seems like we're just go, go, going. I need a vacation!

So, my spouse asked me to watch a show called "Ghost Adventures" last night. It's on the Travel channel. Basically, it is the answer to "Ghost Hunters," but this is a much more dramatized show. Instead of going into a place to disprove that ghosts exist, they play up the scariness. The particular show I watched was when the group went into Bobby Mackey's Music World. Supposedly, the place is haunted by a demon and they did an exorcism there. If you ask me, it was a bunch of hooey.

I believe in ghosts, and I've had an encounter of my own, but this was a little too far fetched. It was almost unbearable to watch. I guess every so often the Ghost Adventures group hosts what they call public investigations and hundreds of people can show up. That seemed extremely odd to me. I mean, you get that many people together, and it's not hard to freak out. Everyone plays off everyone else's fears. I definitely like "Ghost Hunters" better, even though they have some moments that cause me to roll my eyes. They at least try to approach ghosts scientifically.

Speaking of making ghosts scientific, I am reading a great book right now, "Spook" by Mary Roach. In it, she examines how science has tried to figure out what happens after death, if ghosts really exist, and if we actually have souls. She has a great writing style that infuses both humor and fact, so it makes for a very entertaining read. I'm really enjoying it. It's my little way of escaping at the end of the day and NOT getting any work done!