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Movie Review Monday

Scooby Doo Meets Batman (I don't even know when it came out)

I know, I know, not my typical weekend movie choice. I was dealing with a sick kid and spouse (I had a little touch of it, too), in addition to going to a birthday party, a Christmas party, and traveling for family Christmas stuff. This was the only movie I had time for while the 22 month old was sleeping and I was resting on the couch. My mother-in-law bought this for the 3 year old.

Can someone please explain to me what the fascination was and is with Scooby Doo? I have never liked that show. I liked the intro, with the creepy eyes and the bats, and I remember every time I watched it I would think, hope, and wish it was something other than Scooby Doo. Obviously, it never was.

The DVD has two episodes on it that feature Batman and Robin. The old, campy Batman and Robin. I don't mind the silly Batman, the Adam West version. In fact, I remember watching those shows when I was young and being entertained. I'm still kind of entertained by them, but can only handle them in small doses. (Watching it got me to wondering when Batman turned into the Dark Knight. Does anyone know? I might have to do some research on that...) That part of the cartoon was all right, but the part with the Mystery Gang, I couldn't handle it. Really? How in the world did those kids ever solve a case? They are morons. Everyone thinks that Scooby and Shaggy were smoking dope, but I think every one was dipping into the bag.

The animation is subpar, too. Repeated backgrounds and scenes, heavy black lines, not my favorite. In one episode, there was a least 2 minutes, if not more, of Scooby and Shaggy trying to get to a door, but the floor was moving so they didn't make any progress. Do you know how long it took them to figure it out? Too damn. Then, to top it all off, a laugh track. A laugh track! Who in the hell puts a laugh track on cartoons? It's not like it was filmed in front of a live studio audience. I decided the only reason the laugh track is there is because the cartoon isn't funny, and the producers knew it, so it clues the viewers into the parts that were supposed to be funny.

The 3 year old enjoyed the cartoon, but he has very simple tastes right now. As long as Batman is present, he's happy. At least it kept him out of the way for a brief time so I could relax. I just hope I don't have to watch it again for a loooong time!