Monday, October 25, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Will be postponed until next week since I was gone all weekend and didn't watch any movies! Before I get started on the conference, I need to inform you of a couple things: 1) If you were having trouble downloading my audio chapters, that has now been fixed. 2) If you get the chance, check out my guest blog.

OK, Mile Hi Con. We got there and into our rooms about 4:00. Panels started at 3:00, but I didn't go to my first one until 5:00. I had to get settled in. The first one wasn't actually a panel, but an agent talking about How and Why to get a Literary Agent. The speaker was Sara Megibow from Nelson Literary Agency. I've queried their agency 3 times in the past, and they were always very prompt and very professional in sending a rejection. I didn't think she was going to talk about anything I didn't already know, but I wanted to meet her. The Nelson Agency is my dream agency because they are close and deal with books that are close to what I write. Sadly, that dream has been burst many, many times.

Enough feeling sorry for myself, moving on. Sara talked about how important it is to have presence on the web. She says that she will Google a potential client, and when she sends anything to an editor, she automatically sends a web address with the submission. So, it is very important to be present on the web. She talked about the business side of publishing and then took questions. I got a free book out of the thing. It is "Boys that Bite" by Mari Mancusi. It is a YA vampire novel. Normally, I don't like vampire books (I never got into them), but this is all right so far. I'm only about 4 chapters in, so we shall see how it goes.

After this discussion, we went to have dinner, and while we were finishing, Sara and her son walked by our table. I thanked her for the book and mentioned that the rewrite of my zombie novel was very much like the book she gave me. It is told in first person from the female teens perspective. She mentioned I should send her a query, and I told I've already sent two and they rejected both. She said to send it again anyway. In part, I think she was just being nice, which I appreciate, but I did resend the query. I have nothing to lose, but I don't have very high hopes. I will let you know what I hear.

I have to say, I really, really like Sara. She was very nice and very personable. I had another discussion with her after another panel, but I will get into that tomorrow. It was very nice to meet her.

After dinner, we went to the opening ceremonies. All this really entailed was Pablo Bacigalupi introducing himself and the other guests of honor. It was fun. My mom headed up to the room after that, and I went to the bar for the Writer's Networking in the Bar, but I couldn't find anyone, so I went upstairs for a little while. At 10:00 I went back down for Zombie Defense Tactics. This was a hoot! The guy demonstrated hand-to-hand techniques to use on a zombie if you lose your weapons. Basically, it was ju jitsu stuff, but it was still entertaining. And that ended my first day of the sci fi conference.

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Tamara said...

Woo hoo!!

Conferences are da bomb. You get to talk to other cool people and make connections, and they leave you so jazzed.

Goooooo Pembroke! *splits*