Monday, October 18, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Shrek (2001)

This weekend was another chance for me to get caught up on my TV and work on my nonfiction. I did take some time to watch this movie with my child, though. Ah, Shrek, how I love thee. This movie came out waaay before I had kids. I really enjoy the premise of taking fairy tales and turning them on their heads. Although, there is still a formula it follows. I mean, the princess still gets married, true love still prevails, and the bad guy still gets beat. The contemporary humor in the movie just cracks me up, but there is also humor that my 3 year old gets. I really enjoy movies that are made for both adults and children, makes it worthwhile to actually watch them. There are so many fantastic lines in the movie, too. Some of my favorites include:

When Gingy is being tortured by Duloc, he spits in his eye and says, "Eat me!" Now, this can be taken either way, and I, of course, use it in the other sense, but if you do it in the high-pitched cookie voice, priceless!

"Ah, hell, no I don't like no parfaits," says Donkey. I use this one randomly, and some people don't know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I suggest you rewatch the movie.

"My mouth was open and everything," again Donkey. Perfect line to use after someone lets one rip.

I really enjoy the other films, too, and, with the exception of the 4th, have seen them multiple times. I think my favorite one is the 2nd film. Puss in Boots is my favorite character. I remember the first time I watched it, the scene where Puss in coughing up a hairball, I laughed so hard I was crying! The films are just a lot of fun. They don't take themselves seriously, and they make fun of fairy tale conventions. Yet, they still have a moral and kids can enjoy them. I want to watch the other ones!

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