Monday, October 4, 2010

Movie Review Monday

An oldie but goodie - Psycho

As many of you know, I watched Psycho this weekend to finish off the movies I discuss in my nonfiction book. I believe this is the first time I've seen the original the whole way through. It was pretty good. It wasn't as scary now as it probably was back in the day, but it's also been mimicked and quoted and parodied for years. If you don't know how it ends, you've definitely been living under a rock! The "R" rating it received back in the day would probably be a PG-13 today since you don't really see a lot of blood or nudity, just half nudity.

I fell in love with Anthony Perkins while watching this film. His demeanor was so innocent, yet he did a wonderful job of portraying the psychosis. I kept thinking through the whole film, "Yep, that's where Ted Bundy got it." The way he talked out of the corner of his mouth and his smile, he reminded me of Erik from That 70s Show. They did a great job of casting him as Norman because you feel sorry for him, which, of course, you shouldn't because he's a cold-blooded killer!

The tension in the film was great. Just little stuff like Marion seeing her boss on the crosswalk while she is trying to flee town and how she keeps looking in the rear view to make sure the cop isn't following her. Then, of course, when Lila is searching the house looking for Mrs. Bates. It was just a well-crafted film, but that's what Hitchcock was known for!

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