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I started the write up of A Nightmare on Elm Street last night, but I'm going to have to delete everything I wrote. Even while I was writing it, it didn't feel right. I had to step away and think about it. Once I did, I realized what I wanted to say. I'll feel a lot better about it when it's redone.

I received an email from my publisher this weekend, and it was a little disconcerting. They said they sent the manuscript out for a reading evaluation, which means there might be a small chance they will reject it. That kind of surprised me. I suppose I just took it for granted that they would want to publish my work. I think that would be the ultimate rejection. I'm still planning on doing the podcast, though, even if they reject it. Don't forget, I will post chapter 1 on Friday!

My goals for this week are to get the write ups in chapter 1 finished, then I will move onto chapters 2 and 3. I also have to start thinking about ag articles (boo!) sometime soon. *sigh* If I just didn't have a real job...