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The boys went on their first overnight camping trip this weekend. I was a little concerned, considering the 3 year old wakes up at home when the wind is blowing, but they both did great! I had it in my head that there were going to be all these weird sounds. Birds, owls, animals scurrying through the underbrush, you know, that kind of stuff. It can happen when you're camping. Back in the day, when the spouse and I had more time and went camping whenever we got the chance, I remember waking up several mornings to chipmunks on the coolers on scratching on the tent. But it didn't happen on this trip. It was actually extremely quiet. The wind was blowing, but, for some reason, it didn't bother the kid. We went with the in-laws, so we had a camper to stay in. It was very relaxing and wonderful.

I got a little writing done, too. I didn't have my computer, so I had to hand write my story, but it worked. I should be able to type it in some time this week. I have my articles to finish, also, but I'm done with the edit (dancing a small jig). After the little stuff, I'm off to working on my nonfiction. I need to reread what I wrote, just so I know where I'm at, then I'm hoping to get started this weekend. Should be exciting!