Friday, August 20, 2010

Three more days. That is the deadline I'm giving myself. Well, that and an agent wants to see my manuscript on Monday. Now that I'm going through the whole thing, parts of it are really good and parts of it make me cringe. I keep wondering what I can do to make it better, but nothing comes to mind. I think I need to workshop it. Get some opinions from unbiased readers, but I don't really have the time. Perhaps later (like in a year), I will do that. I'm really kind of done with this whole thing!

I have definitely decided that I'm going to work on my nonfiction for my next project. It's haunting me, and that email from the publisher didn't help matters. Even if they decide not to put it into print, I will know that it's done. Besides, there are other publishers out there.

This week has been kind of a crappy week. The weather has been rainy, which means that I've had a headache all week. I love the rain, but when the pressure changes, it kills me. On top of that, my children have been acting up. I think it's because of the Lucky Charms. My spouse bought them, trying to be the cool parent. There is a reason I never get those. All the kids want to eat is the marshmallows. They pick them out then leave the rest in the bowl, begging for more. It's easy to explain to the 3 year old that he has to eat EVERYTHING if he wants more, but the 18 month old doesn't get it. And he's pretty insistent. He squeals with an ear-piercing squeak. Frankly, I'm surprised I still have glass in my house. Plus, when you already have a headache...I'm surprised my head is still intact. I'm optimistic about the weekend and next week, though, because the damn cereal is finally gone!

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