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I've been plugging away on my revisions. I got a chapter and a half done last night before I was so tired I couldn't see straight. So far so good. No complaints (and you know I would let you know if I had any!).

I also got an interview set up for one of my ag articles. I just need to figure out what else I'm going to write about, and that is the hardest part of my job. After that, finding people to interview is a breeze. Most people LOVE to talk about their jobs.

I talked to the editor yesterday, and he's optimistic that my religious zombie novella should be out at the beginning of September. I'll keep you informed and let you know for sure.
It was a tough decision, but I decided I'm going to revise my novel. After doing some soul searching and rereading, it's really not that bad of a story, it just needs a few tweaks. I decided I don't really care what the agent says about zombies falling out of fad, they always say, "Write what you want to write." I've read numerous agent/publisher blogs that say you should never write for trends (which is extremely contradictory to what they actually practice because they usually only sign authors they know they can sell, which has to do with trends; it's a vicious cycle), so I'm not going to. So what if the zombie trend is slowing down? That's what I like to write. If you can't sell it, fine, I'll put it away and work on something else. Maybe one day it'll come back into vogue.

I'm too stubborn to give up on the book. And I'm actually enjoying going back and working on it. I thought it was going to be tedious and I was going to dread it, but the only thing that's freaking me out is sending out queries. I've decided I'm going to put it out of my mind. The revised version isn't done yet, so I don't need to worry about that step. Perhaps in a month or so when I'm done, I'll be able to approach the subject with a different attitude. If not, I'll move on.

Since I've decided to rewrite the novel, I pulled my submission from the indie publisher (who has had it for over 270 days). Perhaps later down the road I will resubmit to them (perhaps). I was still under consideration, but I wasn't happy with the story. This way, I don't have to worry about them or wait for a reply. I'm free to do whatever I want!
I had a great conversation with my friend Tamara yesterday. ( Who, by the way, recently signed with an agent. Congratulations to her! She's worked long and hard for this.) As you can tell, I'm having some issues with my YA zombie novel. I've been trying to rewrite it and redo the query letter, but I'm also freaking out about having to send out more queries. An agent told me that she thought the zombie fad was starting to fade, so it's possible my book could be a hard sell. That added another layer of concern. As Tamara and I talked, we weighed my options and tried to figure out the best approach. I don't know that we came to anything conclusive, but it did help me realize that if I put the story away, I won't be a failure. There's no sense continuing to work on this if it's not going anywhere. I probably need to move on, find something fun to do. I'm still deciding what that something fun is!

I know I have another zombie novella that I can work on, but I think I need to move away from zombies for a while. I have some other ideas kicking around my head, maybe I'll focus on those. Plus, I need to get some ag articles written. Dang ag articles! That should keep me busy for a while.
I got through the reread last night, and I'm putting in edits tonight. Chapters 1-3 are pretty much done. Now, onto the rest of the book.

Other than that, I have nothing exciting to report. I'm still trying to get used to my schedule, and so are the boys. It's been a bit of a battle. Last night it was almost an all-out war. I really dread bedtime, so I've decided I'm not doing it anymore. My spouse can have fun getting the boys to bed because all it does is stress me out!

I'm still dreading sending out queries. Maybe that's a sign I'm not supposed to send any more out. Hmmm...
I accomplished my task. I got the edits done to chapters 1-3 AND put them in the electronic version. I'm going to read through it one more time tonight then get to the rest of the novel. I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm hoping to get it done in the next month, then I'll send out some queries. I'm not looking forward to this. In fact, I'm actually dreading it. I don't really enjoy getting rejection after rejection. After this round, I'm done. I can't keep doing this to myself. I'll put this away and come back to it later. Maybe if I move on, I'll have a different perspective. Maybe.
Things are ever so slowly getting back to normal. The boys are having a hard time adjusting to the schedule because things have been messed up for the last couple weeks, but they'll be fine soon. They're kids, they're resilient. I'm still trying to get my house in order and caught up on sleep, but I'm pretty resilient too!

I've been working on revising my YA novel. My plan was to do it after I finished my other zombie novella, but I couldn't get the dang thing out of my head. A voice kept gnawing at the back of my brain, so I gave in. I'm scratching the itch. So far, I've been through chapters 1 and 2, handwriting my edits, and I'm hoping to get to 3 tonight. I always write out my edits then incorporate them into the computer. After I'm done with 3, I'll edit the electronic copy, then work on the rest of the novel. I've decided this will probably be the last time I revise this. If no one wants it, I'll put in away for a while and work on something else. I rewrote my query, too, but I won't send that out until I'm done with this draft. I'll keep you informed of how everything goes!

OK. This is as good as I can get my review. I think if you click on it you can make it bigger. I have no idea why I can't copy and paste. Oh, well. This works.

Other than that, nothing to report. My family is still here, but I also had to start my new job. It's been a little crazy and hectic, and I think everyone is ready to be home. I know I'm ready to have my house back. I love my family and I love when they come visit, but I get very tired after a while. If I'm not too tired, I'm hoping to get back to writing Thursday night. I have a zombie novella to finish and a novel to rewrite!

I am happy to report that first thing this morning, my review was waiting for me in my inbox. Phew! I would love to post it for you to read, but for some reason I can't copy it into here. Let me see what I can do...

Wow! This is kind of annoying! I'm so not going to mess with this right now. My 3 year old won't allow it. I'll work on it later.

I just thought I would post a quick blog since I had a moment to myself. The family is still here and we've been having a wonderful time, it's just been very busy. I haven't had time to get any writing done, but I wouldn't want to. I'll have plenty of time once they leave.

Oh, wait. That's not entirely true. Saturday morning, I couldn't sleep because my mind kept thinking about the first chapter of the YA zombie novel rewrite. Instead of fighting it, I decided to get up and jot some things down. I got 2 pages of the new chapter done before the boys got up and everything went crazy. I was planning on postponing that work, but I couldn't get it out of my head! I'm OK now, though. I have a starting point.

A few of us went to go see Predators yesterday. What a fabulous film! There were 5 of us total, and 2 of us liked the movie. The 2 of us who really liked it are die-hard Predator fans. We're so die-hard, we both have tattoos (I got mine first, many years ago, and my cousin copied me. It was the sincerest form of flattery!). There were some issues, a few plot holes, but I didn't expect anything less. I went expecting to see a "remake" of the first film, and that's what I got. I didn't expect anything deep and meaningful. Are you kidding? It was just a fun film. I would have liked to see more of the Predators, but that's how I feel about all those films. It was great.

Speaking of fun films, have you seen previews for The Expendables? If not, check it out on imdb.com. THAT is going to be a fabulous film!

I was supposed to get my review on Friday, but it never showed up. I sent an email but didn't get a reply. I'm really hoping someone was sick or on vacation. I'll send another email tomorrow. Of course, me being the pessimist that I am, the first thing that ran through my mind was they took the money and ran. I know, I know, it sounds bad that I'd have to pay for a review, but they actually offered a lot more services. They are making a trailer for me (maybe) and posting my information all over the web. It sounded great at the time, and I checked into the company and didn't find any complaints about them, but who knows? Knowing my luck, I didn't check the right things and got taken for a ride. Wouldn't be the first time, and it's not like I'm out hundreds of dollars (thankfully), but it's the principle of the thing. I had better hear something tomorrow or I'm gonna be really pissed!

I'll let you know what's happening when I get more time. I start my new job tomorrow afternoon, and I'm a little nervous about it. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not a big fan of schedule changes, but, as my dad says, "Soon it'll just be another schedule." I should get back to writing next weekend...if I'm lucky!
Last night was a much better night. Both boys slept the whole way through. I feel much better today. Of course, I still won't have a chance to get anything done because my family will be in town tonight. Yeah! I did get my novella sent off to the editor on Monday, so hopefully he'll be able to get to it by the end of the month. Either way, the hard part is done.

I keep forgetting to mention that I sent my novel, Coming from Nowhere, off for another review (like 2 weeks ago, I'm so up on current events!). I'm supposed to have it back by Friday. I'm excited to see what they have to say. I'm also having a book trailer created. I probably won't get that for another month, but I'll post it when it's done. Very exciting stuff.

I was very lazy last night, and I'll probably be lazy for the next week. I need to get back to my novella, but I can't find my motivation. If you see it laying about, please send it back.
It has been a loooong week and its only Tuesday. The 17 month old has really bad diaper rash and keeps filling his pants at 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. Last night, he woke up his brother, who does NOT need an excuse to get out of bed, although he likes one. Then, at 4:00, the 3 year old decided to get up again. Why? I don't know. He wouldn't tell me. I tried to go back to sleep, but the dog was restless, his claws clicking on the plastic bottom of his kennel, and the spouse was snoring. Needless to say, I'm not very rested today.

I didn't get any writing done last night. I was too tired. I doubt I'll get any done tonight, either. By the time 8:00 rolls around, my mind will have completely turned to mush. Oh, well. We all deal with life. I'll let you know if/when I get back into the swing of things!

I sent an inquiry for one of my partials out last Friday. The agents have had it since the end of March. They told me at the time that it would take them a while, and I didn't expect them to have read it, but I just wanted to make sure they received it and I was still under consideration. I received a reply yesterday, and he told me it was in a large pile on his reading desk and that they were really far behind. He said he'll try to get to it in the next couple of weeks and get back to me. We shall see. I'm not holding my breath, but at least I know they have my sample chapters.
I got some writing done this weekend. I was working on my other zombie novella that might be turned into a comic, although while I was writing, I'm not so sure it will easily translate. I have no idea, of course, because I've never converted a story into a comic. It could just be my insecurity coming through, too. Who knows? I will force myself to finish it and the editor will decide.

I received a rejection for my reprint story, which is fine. Like I said, I have no idea what possessed me to try and get it reprinted. I will post it on my blog perhaps later this week for your reading pleasure.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on. Gearing up for my family to visit, and sneaking in as much writing as I can. It seems pretty relaxed right now. *Ahhh* Relaxing!
I meant to post yesterday, but I was busy in the morning, had an appointment in the afternoon, and time just got away from me. It has a habit of doing that. Anyway, I finished the edits on my novella and sent it off for a critical reading. They should have it back to me by the end of the weekend, and I should still be able to send it to the editor on/before Wednesday. *Sigh* It feels good to have it done!

I was reading through my posts last night, and I realized a few days ago I promised I would let you know what changes I had coming up. I didn't mean to leave you hanging, I just forgot. So, without further ado, here it is (don't expect anything overly exciting): I am starting a new job on July 19. I will still be working at my old job, doing part time at both, but I will be working 5 days a week (my schedule right now is that I get every Monday off, which, on one hand, is really nice and allows me time with my kids, but on the other, I spend a lot of time with my kids). I know it doesn't sound very exciting, but I don't fare well with schedule disruptions. It'll be fine after a few weeks, I'm sure, but very exhausting until then. It's quite possible my writing could suffer.

The process for getting this job were HORRENDOUS! Seriously, I had to go through a background check, take a polygraph, and have a psych evaluation. I applied way back in April and will just be starting. There's a good reason I had to go through all this stuff, one that I will not divulge (mainly for security reasons). I'm very happy its over and I hope I never have to go through it again.

I'm hoping to work on my other zombie novella this weekend, but I also might take some time off and just relax. We'll see how the mood takes me. I have to get ready for my family, which is very tiring, but very fun. YEAH!
WOO HOO! I got a draft of "Finding Eden" ready to revise. I got my butt in gear last night and did the edits to my 5th story. My plan is to read through it tomorrow (I'm taking the day off for an appointment, so I'll have the morning to read it) and make the changes this weekend. I'll give it to my friends to read and criticize and hopefully still have it done by the 14th. Phew! I've been busy!

On a completely unrelated topic, I've been noticing a lot of articles recently about the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" scandals. Really? Is anyone out there shocked and surprised that these relationships don't work out? I mean, come on! These people are selected by producers because of their appeal to an audience, not because they actually have something in common or might make a nice couple (that's what match.com is for!). It's about ratings, not human feelings. Ugh! IRRITATING!

OK, back to writing. So, my next project after the novella was going to be revising the YA zombie novel, but I think that's going on hold for a while and I'm going to work on another novella, also zombie in nature. (What is it with me and zombies? Even my first book has zombies in it. No wonder I dream about them when I'm stressed!) A few weeks ago, Sonar 4 Publications put out a call for stories/ideas that would make good comic books. After having two stories rejected, I sent in this final idea. It's in the draft stage and not finished, but the editor thought it had potential. Soooo, my goal is to get that finished and maybe have it turned into a comic. How cool would that be? I'll let you know how it works out.
I got a lot of writing done last night. It felt good. I'm hoping to do more tonight and maybe have a draft by this weekend. Like I said, I'm hoping to have the whole thing done by the 14th since I have family coming to visit, and if I can keep up my stamina, I should have it done!

I thought I would give you a little background about the stories I'm working on. As I mentioned, it is a series of five that make one big story. It's what I call my "religious zombie novella." Two months ago, we read World War Z for our book club, and one of the individuals in the group mentioned that religion didn't play that major of a role. We got to talking about how we believed religion, in real life, would probably play a huge role because a lot of people in the U.S. believe in God. I decided I was going to write the religious version of World War Z. Like WWZ, my manuscript has first person accounts of what happened. Originally, I had only planned on having three stories, but after sending it to an editor, he suggested I have at least 30,000 words, which meant I had to add two more stories. I think it's turning out all right, but I'll let you know when I read the whole thing. My process so far has been to finish one story, edit it, then move onto the next. When I go through the whole thing, I'll make sure they all flow together and everything is consistent.

The editor will make the novella available as an iPhone app, and I'll let you know when and how you can order it. That won't be until the end of July, so you have some time to ready yourself!
OK, I'm a lot less stressed today. I finished my ag articles and got started on my 5th story. My goal is to have my novella finished by July 14 because I have family coming to visit. If I get my butt in gear, I should be able to do it.

I watched The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus this weekend. What a great movie! It was Heath Ledger's last film, and he actually died before finishing it, so Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Ferrel step into his role. It sounds weird, like it wouldn't work, but it actually does. You'll have to watch it to understand what I mean.

The 3 year old has this strange habit. Every few weeks to couple of months, he decides he's not going to sleep through the night. This child rarely sleeps through the night, and fights it every chance he gets. I just get used to him sleeping, then he wakes up from a nightmare or because the wind is blowing. Kills me. Totally screws up my schedule. Last night was the first night, so I'm guessing I have a couple more nights this week. Sigh.

Still waiting to hear about the zombie novel. Getting slightly irritated, but I know there's nothing I can do to change it. I have some changes coming up in the next couple of weeks, maybe that will help me keep my mind off it. We'll see! I'll post tomorrow on what those changes are!
Yeah, I didn't get any work done last night. I was pretty tired, then I had to run some errands, and I think my boys got into the sugar jar. I don't know what their problem was, but they were bouncing off the walls, running around the store, and not listening to me. They drove me crazy! By the time I got home, all I wanted to do was sit on my butt, which I accomplished. I'm hoping to get started this weekend, but I have ag articles to write.

I'm getting so sick of these articles. Every month it gets harder and harder to find topics and time. I try to get ahead, but no one returns my emails. Granted, it is summer and a lot of people are gone, but don't they know I have work to do? I don't think I can do this for much longer...

OK, little stress build up. I feel the pressure of deadlines. I have to go get to work now!
I got my story edited yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I think it flows with the other stories, but it's just a little different. Ah, well. I'm sure it'll be fine. I have one story left before I do my final round of edits. I'm hoping to get started this weekend. If I'm not dead tired tonight, perhaps I will start after the kids go to bed.

I have so many story ideas bouncing around my head, I just want to sit and write! Unfortunately, I don't have time and several other projects to finish first. I wish someone would invent a device that you attach to your brain and as you THINK your story, a computer types it out for you. Can you imagine how fast stories would get written? That would be awesome! Then, you could write anywhere. Of course, you'd have to be careful not to let your mind wander, or you might have thoughts about what to make for dinner interjected into the plot!

Other than that, nothing exciting has been going on. As usual, I will keep you informed of my progress!